WOW Team Leader Spotlight: Kyla Simon

August 1, 2019

WOW Team Leader Spotlight: Kyla Simon

Photograph of Kyla sitting on a ledge with her sorority graduation stoles

Featured below is one of our graduated WOW Team Leaders, Kyla Simon. Kyla received her degrees at The Ohio State University in Biology and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Now that she has graduated, she will be taking a gap year to gain professional experience and apply for graduate programs in Public Health. She hopes to focus on health advocacy for low income and marginalized populations, with a focus on sexual health.

Kyla was with the WOW Program for four years. Learn more below about her positive experiences with the WOW Program! 

Photograph of Kyla talking to 2nd graders about leaf identification
Here is Kyla teaching 2nd graders about leaf identification and classification


What was your favorite part of WOW? Seeing the students' face light up every time we came for a visit, and having the opportunity to watch them grow over my years in the program.

Did WOW help you with what you are doing now (or what you will be doing for your future career)? How so? Yes, WOW has absolutely helped with my professional development. I plan on going into public health education and policy, and this program gave me invaluable practice with educating a wide array of ages and backgrounds. I will undoubtedly use these skills going forward as an educator in my field.

Anything else to add? If you are considering getting involved with this program be it through OHSE or an associated program I cannot recommend it enough. This has absolutely been one of my favorite experiences at Ohio State, and something that I will deeply miss and treasurer for many years to come. There is no greater way to learn and grow then helping children navigate their own growth as young scholars.