WOW Team Leader Spotlight: Andrew Sabovik

May 26, 2020

WOW Team Leader Spotlight: Andrew Sabovik

Photograph of Andrew Sabovik in front of the window at the entrance of the College of Engineering building

Featured below is one of our recently graduated WOW Team Leaders, Andrew Sabovik. Andrew received his degree at The Ohio State University in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering with a Global Option in Engineering. Now that he has graduated, in the fall of 2020, he will be attending graduate school for Aerospace Engineering at CU Boulder.

Andrew was with the WOW Program for four years. Learn more below about his positive experiences with the WOW Program! 

Photo of Andrew teaching 1st graders about airplanes
Here is Andrew teaching 1st graders about airplanes

What was your favorite part of WOW? Seeing the genuine excitement and curiosity that the students would have when I helped them explore all sorts of different STEM related topics. 

Did WOW help you with what you are doing now (or what you will be doing for your future career)? How so? WOW has helped me find a passion for teaching others and has provided me valuable experiences in distilling complex technical knowledge down to easy-to-understand lessons, which will be useful when trying to communicate ideas to others no matter where my future goes.

Photograph of Andrew in the gym talking to 3rd graders about aerodynamics
Here is Andrew talking to 3rd graders about aerodynamics and how airplanes fly

Anything else to add? WOW has been my favorite weekly activity throughout my time at Ohio State. I not only enjoyed teaching topics to students that are interesting to me but enjoyed being part of its community as well. I am very glad I chose to be a part of WOW and have had the opportunity to spread the same passion for Science and Math to students who might not have the same exposure to these fields.

Photograph of Andrew next to the WOW van
Here is Andrew posing with the WOW Van