WOW Spotlight: Rosemary Zaleski

October 25, 2019

WOW Spotlight: Rosemary Zaleski

Photo of Rosemary posing in front of bamboo stalks

Featured below is one of our WOW students, Rosemary Zaleski, who will be a WOW Team Leader in Fall 2020. 

Rosemary is majoring in Biochemistry (minoring in Mathematics) at The Ohio State University. After she graduates, she wants to attend a master's program to become an anesthesiologist assistant. She loves learning about STEM concepts, problem solving, and helping others, so she believes this career would be a perfect fit for her! Further, she plans to pursue a focus in pediatrics so she can help children through the scary situation of surgery.

Rosemary has been with the WOW Program since January 2019. Learn more below about her positive experiences with the WOW Program! 

Photograph of Rosemary teaching 2nd graders about turbidity in water samples
Here is Rosemary teaching 2nd graders about turbidity of a water sample for a water quality experiment


What is your favorite part of WOW?: My favorite part of WOW is experiencing the pure excitement the young students have about science! I love supporting this excitement and want those feelings to extend through their higher education due to the building blocks WOW is creating.

What have you learned from WOW and how might this be applied to your future career?: If I am able to focus in pediatrics as an anesthesiologist assistant, I will definitely be able to apply some skills I have acquired through WOW. One important thing about working with children is understanding how to interact with them in a way that isn’t demeaning; children hold so many important ideas and knowledge which can be never shared due to an adult’s attitude towards them. 

Anything else to add?: My participation in WOW has been such a positive experience and I thoroughly enjoy working with the young students. Fostering their interest in science is so important, and WOW allows them to have a lot fun while doing so!