Follow the Measurement Road!

Measurement is an important skill to develop for use in both academic and "real life" settings. By making the act of measuring into a game, students will have a fun means of practicing their measuring skills. 



Game boards for each student (pre-drawn with "path") 

1 measurement spinner per group


1 die per group

1 stack of Wild Cards and Challenge Cards per group

Pencils or crayons 


What To Do

Each student should have their own board, writing utensil and ruler, while each group should have a spinner, die and deck of Wild Cards and Challenge Cards. Explain the object of the game is to reach the end of the Measurement Road and overcome the final Measurement Challenge. The students should roll the die to determine the order in which they will start their measurements. They will then take turns spinning the measurement spinner. Whatever "distance" is landed on, the student must measure that distance from the start line (or previous measurement line) and make a new line. If a "wild card" is landed on, the students must draw one card from the top of the pile and follow the directions on the card. They may then replace the card at the bottom of the pile. Each student must measure their way to the end of the road then draw a final Challenge Card. The student must successfully complete the measurement challenge in order to win their game.



WOW staff, 2002.

© S. Olesik, WOW Project, Ohio State University, 2002.

Gameboard and cards
Measurement challenge cards
Measurement challenge cards backs
Wild card backs
Wild cards
Wild card backs 2