Supply List

Earth Beneath My Feet

Stack of paper plates Plastic knives Clear, empty film canister Dark rye bread Light brown bread White bread Apple butter mixed with raisins OR Crunchy peanut butter Cream cheese mixed with M & M's OR White icing with colored chips Materials to sketch and label the sandwich (left side: names of food, right side: names of rocks and characteristics) Pictures of different layers of rocks, such as in the Grand Canyon Journey to the Center of the Earth Apple Sharp Knife Marbles for core Paint or markers 4" diameter Styrofoam sphere Blue plastic wrap Brown paper from shopping bags


Making and Dating Fossils

Learning About Fossils Cards with fossil diagrams for "determining age of cards" Common Ohio fossils obtained from OSU Orton Museum: 3 Oysters (Cretaceous) 14 brachiopods, approximate identifications (Devonian) 7 Paraspifera 3 Mucrospifera 4 Rafinesquina 1 snail (Devonian) 3 corals (Devonian) 1 Belemnite (Jurassic) 4 Crinoid (Devonian) 1 shark's tooth age =?


Making a Fossil

Modeling clay

Plastic bowl (small disposable)

 Plaster of Paris


Mixing bowl

Measurig cup

Chalk or string

Meter stick


Geologic Time Line

Geologic events on cards for time line

Sheet of paper (possibly use a 6' long sheet of brown wrapping paper)


Sedimentary Rocks Classification

Office supplies such as: erasers, pencils, paper clips, pens, rubber bands, paper, post-its, markers, alligator clips (binder clips), tape, ruler, measuring tape, highlighters, etc.

Sedimentary rocks such as: shale, sandstone, conglomerate, and other sedimentary rocks


Making a Piece of Sandstone

Dry Sand Cementing Solution (2 parts water to 1 part Epsom salt)

Paper cups


Making a Piece of Conglomerate Rock


Garbage bag

Paper cups

Sandwich baggies

Dry Cement

Dry Sand




Making a Piece of Limestone


Garbage bag

Paper cups

Dry plaster


Pieces of shells


Once Rocks Are Dry (2-3 days later)

Magnifying glass